Grammar Point Summary



【在】zàizài has two basic meanings.

(1) 【在 + Location】used before a location meaning "in" "at" etc. Note 在 is a verb. So do not add 是 (be) before 在 (Egnlish would be "Be in/at/on location").

     她那里? Where is she?

     你哪里? Where are you?

     我山上 I am inside mountain.

(2) 【在 + Verb】Used before a verb meaning an action is ongoing or in progress. This is often the equivalent of present continuous in English, which is how we express that an activity is happening now. You can use 正在 zhèng zàizhèng_zài to put a little more emphasis on the action as in progress right now.

     妹妹吃饭 Younger sister is eating food.

     你干什么呢? What are you doing?