Grammar Point Summary


【这个 - name-calling to emphasize

这个(zhè ge: this, this one) can emphasize how one regards something or someone. It has a stronger effect than if one were to label something without using it, e.g "中国, 这个国家" (China, this country) has a stronger impact than merely saying "中国是一个国家" (China is a country). The structure is noun + 这个 + category which noun belongs to.

     北京这个城市(Beijing, this city...) has stronger effect than 北京是个城市 (Beijing is a city)

     屠呦呦Tú Yōu yōu这个女科学家 has stronger effect than 屠呦呦Tú Yōu yōu是个女科学家


这种/这类. Note 个 is a measure word. Other measure words which can be used in the same way are 这种/这类(lèi) meaning "this kind".


     I don't like kind of people like him.



     Animal like dog likes tennis ball the best.


     Everyday students have to use these kinds of things such as backpack and books.