Grammar Point Summary


【2 syllable word 】

Two syllable word is the most common length of Chinese words. There are many ways to create two syllable words. These are common methods:

  1. Using suffixes 子 zǐ. This suffix adds little or no meaning to the word; and usually occurs in neutral tone. For example,


  2. Using location suffixes. Location words may be suffixed with 头(tóu), 面(miàn), or 边(biān) to make them two syllable words. For example,


  3. Abbreviation. Words and phrases that are longer than two syllables are often abbreviated to two syllables. The two syllables that form the new, abbreviated word are typically the first syllable of each of the words in the phrase or the first two syllables of the first word in the phrase, though other combinations occur.

         场 - 超市,察 - 交警

         高速公路- 高速,飞机场 - 机场

         利坚合众 - 美国