Grammar Point Summary


【少 (shǎo) / 少不了】

【少 (shǎo)】Character 少 has two pronunciations: 少 (shǎo) means "less, few". 少 (shào) means "young". Here we talk about grammar points of 少 (shǎo). The use is like the opposite of 多. 少 + Verb phrase means do something less, or do NOT do something more.

     最近我很看见你 I seldom saw you recently.

     你要说多做 You need to talk less and do more.

     你要吃多动 You need to eat less and exercise more.

     要是你学习中文,就要说英文 If you want to learn Chinese, you need to speak English less.

     你平时要喝酒多喝水 You need usually drink less wine but more water.

【少不了】Character 少 is pronunced shǎo in the phrase 少不了, which means "cannot do without, to be unavoidable, always". If there is one thing, then there will be another something along with it.

     人们一天都少不了People cannot live without water for one day.

     他每天吃饭都少不了 He always drinks wine at meal everyday.

     上学少不了作业 Going to school is unavoidable to have homework.

     家里少不了牛奶,因为他不喜欢喝水 His home always has milk because he does not like drink water.