Grammar Point Summary


【对 as a preposition】

【对 (duì) as a preposition】It is used to indicate "to" or "towards" an object or target. Note 对 doesn't always totally "make sense" or correspond to English at all. When you learn more you will automatically get it. The structure is 对 + Object + Verb phrase.Here are some examples.

     老人我笑了笑 The old man smiled at me.

     我们的老师学生很好 Our teacher is very nice to students.

     你想我说什么? What do you want to say to me?

     每天走走你有好处 To walk everyday is good for you.

【对 + Person + 来说】This structure is for making a statement from a certain person's point of view, meaning "for someone...".

     来说,王老师最好 To me, Teacher Wang is best.

     小羊来说,最好吃的是草 Grass is the best food for little goat.

     小朋友来说,最好的朋友是妈妈 For child, the best friend is mom.