Grammar Point Summary



【为了】Proper phrase 为了 is often used as a preposition to express some purpose. In English it could be "in order to", "for the purpose of" or even a short "for".

(1) 为了 + purpose ...

     为了孩子,她七点钟起来做早饭 She gets up at 7 to make breakfast for her kids.


     In order to visit China, Mark learned Chinese for 2 to 3 years in USA.

     为了工作,爸爸每天要开车一个小时去上班 For the work, dad drives one hour everyday.


     In order to visit USA in "Golden Week", Chinese dama did not shop for gold any more.

     女儿问:妈妈,我学习是为了什么? 妈妈说:你学习是为了你自己。

     Daughter asked: Mom, what do I study for? Mom said: You study for youself.

(2) 为了 vs 因为. 因为 is simply "because", a reason. 为了 is for a personal purpose. 为了 cannot used for something beyond a person's ability, such as rain or snow.

     因为今天下雪,我们不去上学      为了今天下雪,......

     Because it snowed today, we did not go to school.

     为了认识漂亮的女生,马克买了很多好吃的     因为认识漂亮的女生,......

     In order to meet beautiful girl, Mark bought a lot of delicious food.