Grammar Point Summary



【怎么】The word 怎么 (zěn mezěn_me) has meanings such as "how" and "why". When used with other words, it has more meanings.

(1) 怎么 + Verb ...? = how to Verb ...?

     你知道怎么做饭吗? Do you know how to cook?

     用中文怎么说这个句子? How to say this sentence in Chinese?

     怎么去上海? How to go to Shanghai?

     你怎么爱我啊? How do you love me?

Note the object after the verb can often be placed in the beginning of the question. This is rare in English.

     怎么去上海?- 上海怎么去? How to go to Shanghai?

     iPad9 怎么用? How to use iPad9?

     我的名字用中文怎么说? How to say my name in Chinese

     中文怎么学? How to learn Chinese

     这么多饺子怎么吃? How to eat so many jiaozi?

(2) 怎么 + Verb ...? = why/how come to Verb ...?Since this is the same structure as (1) where 怎么 means "how", it would be a bit hard to use "how" or "why". You have to get it from context. If sentence expresses some disagreement or surprise, it often means "why".

     他怎么不说谢谢你? Why didn't he say thank you?

     你怎么不说话? Why don't you speak?

     你的女朋友怎么没有来啊? Why didn't your girlfriend come?

     你怎么不给我打电话? Why didn't you give me a call?

     你怎么喝酒了? Why did you drink alchol?

(3) 怎么 + 这么/那么 + Adj = Why so/that Adj

     妈妈怎么这么晚下班 Why did mom get off work so late?

     怎么那么热 Why is water that hot?

     你怎么这么高 Why are you so tall?

     你做作业怎么这么马马虎虎 Why did you do homework so carelessly?

(4) 不怎么 + Adjective = not very Adjective. Like 不太.

     这个包子不怎么好吃 This baozi is not very delicious.

     那个人不怎么 That person is not very nice.

     老师不怎么开心 Teacher is not very happy.

(5) 不怎么 + Verb = not often Verb.

     那个女孩子不怎么说话 That girl did not say much.

     李小雨不怎么吃饭 Li Xiaoyu does not eat much.

     妈妈最近忙,她不怎么做饭 Mom is busy recently. She did not cook much.

     爸爸不怎么喜欢打电话 Dad did not like to call much.

(6) 没怎么 + Verb = not much Verb.

     老师没怎么说话 Teacher has not said much.

     最近我没怎么去打球 Recently I haven't played basketball that much.


     Older brother is at home these days. He hasn't driven car that much.