Chinese Character Evolution


【请 qǐngqǐng】The left radical is 言 (yányán: talk to others). The right character 青 (qīngqīng: green, or blue) is actually simplification of character 倩 (qiànqiàn: beautiful). The combination expresses the action of saying beautiful words to others in order get invited.


【火 huǒhuǒ】The oracle image of 火 is three flames from a fire. It is like image of 山 (shānshān: mountain). Until later, two characters start to differ.



【公 gōnggōng】The first oracle image has two parts. Top part is 八 (bābā: eight). 八 is the original character of 分 (fēnfēn: distribute). The bottom part is a mouth. The combined image expresses the action of fairly distribute food among people. Its meaning later extends to "fair, fairly, common, public" etc.


* Chinese character evulation images are taken from 象形字典(