Chinese Character Evolution


【来 láilái】Character 来 is the origion of character 麦 màimài (wheat). The oracle image is a shape of a wheat plant. Since wheat is introduced from outside of central China and it has more production than local plants, its original meaning is "a wheat plant coming from other places" or "foreign plant".


【文 wénwén】Oracle image of 文 is a pictogram which ancient people carved on stone or bones with two groups of strokes, one from northeast, the other from northwest.


【回 huíhuí】Images of 回 exresses the action of rotating and expanding like a spiral curve. Its meaning later extends to "return", "turn back" etc.


【同 tóngtóng】Images of 同 has two parts. The top part is a shape of a earth-tamping tool in house construction. The bottom part is mouth. The combined image means "the chant from people when tamping earth in house contruction". Later its meaning extends to "same", "consistent" etc.


* Chinese character evulation images are taken from 象形字典(