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How to use to learn Chinese?

Below is suggested general learn plan:
  • First learn Pinyin in Season 1 to have a useful tool.
  • At the same time, learn Chinese characters one by one until you can grasp 500! At that level, you can read 78% of daily newspapers and books.
  • Learn how to recognize characters and vocab first. Later you can do more character handwriting.
  • Pay more attention to vocabs (instead of characters) which are foundations of modern Chinese.
  • Use articles to assist you learning vocabs. Do exercises as much as you can to further consolidate what you have learned.
  • Form a study group and take turns to monitor each other.
  • Most importantly: learn it everyday, even 10 minutes!

For teachers or supervisers who can organize a study group or a classroom, follow general above steps, but make your own considerations in teaching for each student. It is always a good practice to let students read aloud for each vocab or sentence.